Our work. Their words.

Rose Mary Hogan

Head of Graduate Recruitment & Development

Open Innovation Services delivered an
experience for our summer interns
centered on combinational thinking.
The interns played Open’s own
tech-focused Crazy Combinations app,
they immersed themselves in the future
using a VR Simulator and
then they leveraged VR to generate
totally new ideas in areas of interest
to Glanbia. It was a hugely creative,
collaborative digital problem-solving adventure.

Ann-Marie Cregan

Director of Buying & Merchandising

Our inaugural innovation programme
hosted by Fergal unleashed the very
 best of talent from our young, vibrant
team..who brought fantastic ideas to
life, progressed where they were easily
implemented to add real commercial
value to our business...teams loved
 impacting on business strategy and
were energised by the collaborative
cross-functional, customer-centric
 & inspiring nature of the programme.

Ciaran Doran

Business Transformation Manager

Fergal led several 5 month Innovation
Programmes with our managers.
He brings energy & enthusiasm
to the role..our people really
enjoy & value the experience.
They get really good 'hands on'
practice with innovation frameworks
that help to embed their learnings,
& build their problem-solving capability.

Chris Nugent

Director & Head of Innovation

Open Innovation Services supported our inaugural
Innovation Week with immersive Design
Sprints tackling key challenges in our
business, an engaging Interactive Innov
Talk on combinational thinking as well as
lunchtime Creativity Popups led by our
volunteer staff. These were novel and
powerful events to surface innovation
conversations across the business
and collaboratively problem-solve in a fun,
safe environment

Anne-Marie Fitzpatrick

Ass. Director, Global Information Technology

Open Innovation Services facilitated
a fascinating prototyping & testing session
with our Global Information Technology team.
We practiced with cheap and cheerful, low cost,
quick sketches and role-play in a fun,
supportive environment. We examined how
we could use these basic prototypes to test
user actions and ultimately deliver more
innovative, better solutions for our internal
customers. A number of people started using
the tools immediately which is so encouraging.

Wayne Gibbons

Member of Voluntary Innovation Committee

The process they follow at Open is
brilliant & proven..design thinking
 & business model innovation..they
created a safe environment where
cross-functional teams collaborated
so effectively to pitch solutions
that had real value for our business.

I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Shane Mohan

Senior Partner and Innovation Lead

The Deloitte Immersion Programme
with UCD Innovation Academy
has taken place for the past 3 years.
Our grad trainees collaborate with UCD
students to tackle problems & opps
at Deloitte..facilitators (incl. Fergal)
are passionate about making learning
experiences the very best possible for
everyone concerned..It’s a pleasure
to be involved in such an immersive,
creative and valuable programme.

Professor Suzi Jarvis

Founder and Director

Fergal is a dynamic and highly
experienced facilitator and educator.
..his grasp of creativity, innovation and
entrepreneurship comes from his own
first hand experience in the business
world, combined with his extensive
network of fellow entrepreneurs and
innovators. This one has genuinely
walked the walk and is now sharing his
learning in an exciting and creative way.

Dr. Aideen McKevitt

Prog. Mgr., MSc Food, Nutrition, Health

Fergal designed, developed & delivered
an on-demand Creativity & Innovation
module for our MSc. FNH (Online)
The feedback from our virtual learners
has been overwhelmingly positive
positive. They are required to integrate
material from Food & Nutrition sources
with design thinking to solve problems
on a range of real-world issues. Fergal
encouraged and supported their online
work with empathy and kindness.

Ambassador O’Malley

Fergal. Thanks so much for your
help with the initial meeting with
the 2016 Youth Council.

You bring such creativity
and enthusiasm
to our events.